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About Me

Welcome to my online home! I’m Kartikeya Goela student at Delhi Public School Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, India.

I’m an explorer; a believer in change for the society’s better; a basketball enthusiast who reveres the didactic nature of sports. Evidently, pink is my ink for gender equality.

For making a positive impact in my society, I’ve taken up initiatives:

  • Assist (for promoting basketball among less privileged children)
  • Karfa (E-commerce website and fashion brand)
  • First Time Voter (for raising election awareness among first time voters)
  • ADDequate (for raising ADHD awareness and providing self-help)

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My Projects

Logo-Assist-_final-Font-change-1 Assist assist basketball kartikeya goel

Assist is a basketball academy for the less privileged kids. Through basketball, we aim to indulge the kids in a worthwhile sport which teaches them life’s values and assist them in assimilating into the mainstream.
If you wish to start a local Assist chapter in your school or locality, please contact us. We also welcome you to join as a volunteer or donate for this cause.

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logo (1)Karfa karfa fashion kartikeya goel


I am a fashion aficionado and ‘Karfa’, a portmanteau of ‘Kartikeya’ and ‘Fashion’, is the name of my fashion e-commerce venture. Karfa brings to you the vivid hues of textiles, patterns, stitches, sourced directly from the traditional weavers in the heart of rural India. Using the brand name ‘Karfa By Kartikeya’, I design my own fashion clothing line under the mentorship of former fashion designer Dr Satish Sikha.

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logo-2.pngFirst Time Voterfirst time voter kartikeya goel


I have heard political leaders proclaim that children are the future of India. But, I have never heard the same leaders seeking to know our vision for the future and our expectations from the current government. Through #FirstTimeVoter, we the children will share our agenda for the Indian General Elections 2019.
Pledge to raise election awareness in your campus by joining our network of student leaders here.

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hiperactividad_large (2).jpgADDequateaddequate adhd kartikeya goel



As a child suffering from ADHD, I have first-hand experience of the hardship it brings. Therefore, ADDequatean ADHD awareness website—was set up by me to make a positive difference in the lives of those who, like me, have no choice but to put up with it.
If you are a child suffering from ADHD, please feel free to connect with me. I also welcome anyone interested to join as a volunteer for our cause.








BELL (Breathe Easy, Live Long)bell kartikeya goel


Over the years, breathing clean air has become more of a privilege than a basic human right. The obnoxious air quality of Delhi has forced the people to wear masks whenever they go outside. This is an ominous scenario which, I feel, should be fixed at the earliest. #BELL’s goal is to raise awareness on this issue and help curb air pollution to an acceptable level.



Summer Programs

Duke_University_Crest.svgGlobal Leader Program in Duke Summer Courses (2018)duke summer program


  • It was a 2.5-week course on Social Leadership and Political Diplomacy.
  • Got great insight about myself through sessions based on the best-selling novel ‘Search Inside Yourself’ by Chade-Meng Tan (a.k.a. Jolly Good Fellow). Meng, you’re an inspiration for me!



UPenn_shield_with_banner.svg.pngBusiness & Entrepreneurship Program at Global Young Leaders Academy – Knowledge at Wharton (2017)wharton summer program

  • It was a 3-week Business & Entrepreneurship program.
  • Our team made a project titled “PairIt”, which used an algorithm to match a random piece of clothing with complementary clothing items and recommended the latter to the user.
  • Received award for “Best Team Using Emotional Connect”.




Honors & Achievements

1.pngAcademic Honors

  • Named to the spring 2021 Dean’s List of Babson College for overall outstanding academic achievement in the semester.
  • Blue Scholar Coat & Tie for excellent performance in Grade 10 CBSE Board Exams (2017–18)
  • Blue Scholar Badge for academic excellence in Grade 10 (2017–18)
  • Blue Scholar Gown & Badge for excellent academic excellence in Grade 9 (2016–17)

2.pngLeadership Positions

  • Cultural President, DPS VK (2019-20)
  • Founder, Karfa (2019)
  • Founder, First-time Voter (2019-)
  • Founder-mentor, ADDequate (2018–)
  • Vice Sports Captain, DPS Vasant Kunj (2018–19)
  • Founder, Assist (2017-)
  • Captain, Delhi U-14 Boys Basketball Team at National School Games (2015–16)
  • German Language Editor for School Magazine, DPS VK (2014)

4.pngSports Honors

  • Represented Delhi U-17 Boys Basketball Team at the 64th National School Games, organised by School Games Federation of India (2018–19).
  • Silver medal with Team India Junior Basketball Team at the Paris World Games (2017).
  • Awarded with Red Sportspersons Gown, by DPS VK, for outstanding performance in sports (2017).
  • Represented Tripura Boys Basketball Team in 42nd Sub Junior National Basketball Championship (2016).
  • Bronze medal as captain of the Delhi U-14 Boys Basketball Team at the 61st National School Games, organised by School Games Federation of India (2015–16).

3.pngCo- & Extra-curricular Activities

  • Represented school in a cultural exchange program with Lycée Sainte Marie, Normandy, France (2018).
  • “Best Team Using Emotional Connect” award in the Business & Entrepreneurship Program organised by Wharton Business School, UPenn (2017).
  • Won first prize, as part of a team, in “on se régale” (translation: “we enjoy”)—a French cuisine competition—organised by Indian Association of French Teachers in 2017. Check out the video here.
  • Participate in organising mass marriages and donation drives as a volunteer for Guild For Service (2015-)
  • Volunteer for Healthy Kids Happy Kids Foundation (2016-)
  • Won multiple inter-school French language competitions as part of the school team.
  • Initial grade in Piano from Trinity School of London.
  • Cleared Delf A1 and A2 from Alliance Française with excellent scores.
  • Cleared FIT (German language exam) in Deutsch 1 from Goethe Institute.


Babson College (2021-)
Delhi_Public_School_Logo.png Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj (2006–2020)

  • Grade 11 & 12: Commerce stream (2018–2020)
  • Grade 10 (2018)

download.pngLanguage Proficiency

  • Animated-Flag-United-KingdomEnglish
  • animated-french-flag-2French
  • Animated-Flag-Germany.gifGerman
  • Animated-Flag-India.gifHindi




Tribute To My Grandfather

late kanti kr goyal tribute

My granddad was humble, the most generous, and probably one of the most genuine human beings I’ve ever met in my life. He was the second man, after my father, who loved me unconditionally; no matter how many mistakes I made, no matter how bad I was, no matter how bad a student I was at times, he would always love me. He was proud of whatever I achieved.

I still remember when I got selected for basketball nationals in 2015, he was the proudest person I could see at home. The best thing about him was that he was never partial to me or my sister—he loved us both equally. He never compared us to each other. It was always my dream that my grandfather saw me become a successful human being, and the worst part about this is that dream of mine will never be fulfilled now. But, I promise to make him proud no matter what I do.

Most importantly, my granddad has always been the perfect role model and a person whom I really look up to. He, in one way or the other, has taught me how to be a perfect grandfather like him when I grow old.

Dadu, I will always miss you. There are so many wonderful memories to hold on to.  You were a role model. Your guidance and love will carry me through the end of my days.

I love you … until we meet again … but just remember, you’ll always be my Jaan and no one will ever replace you and take that title in my life.

Vote Of Thanks To Assist Volunteers

Between March 26–30, Assist successfully organised Crossover’s Hoops Creating Hope (HCH) camp at Amar Jyoti School, Delhi—the first-time ever the event took place in the Indian capital. This event holds a special place in Assist’s history as it marked the first time we collaborated with another basketball organisation to host an event. But, none of this would have been possible, had there not been the tireless motivation of Assist’s volunteers who worked hard from dawn to dusk to make sure the event went smoothly.
I would like to heartily thank every single volunteer who took part in HCH. Thank you, volunteers! Without you, HCH wouldn’t have been the big success that it was.




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Let’s Collaborate

henry ford quote

I have interest in social work, entrepreneurship, and advocacy for child and women issues. I’m actively seeking to collaborate with individuals/organisations that align with my interests. Please fill out the form below to get in touch.